About Us

Who We Are
We are a private organization comprised of military members of all ranks (we welcome all branches of service), dependants, and civilians. We operate with the support of our dedicated volunteers and by donations only. We are not in anyway endorsed by Scott Air Force Base, the United States Air Force, or the Department of Defense.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a free, sober, and confidential ride home for DoD ID card holders, who have had one drink or just one drink too many.
How We Operate
We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We depend solely on our volunteers and donations. We have two teams, Team A and Team B. Both teams are comprised of one male and one female. Team A operates from 1200 Monday to 1200 on Thursday. Team B operates from 1200 Thursday to 1200 Monday. One member of each team, and a council member will meet at the Scott Club (enlisted entrance) at 1200 on Mondays and Thursdays to either pick up or drop off the on call phone and equipment. We may also provide additional coverage for special events such as the Air Force Ball and holiday parties.
How You Can Help
You can volunteer to be on call for any open shift at your convenience. Occasionally we require additional members to cover events such as the Air Force Ball, Dining Ins or Dining Outs. Every year we have a booth at the Air Show to raise funds for our organization. If you can not donate your time, we also accept donations of cell phones, gas cards, monetary donations, and any other items one may deem useful.
Armed Forces Against Drunk Driving Executive Council

President SSgt Sean Peters
Secretary A1C Michaela Sosville
Public Affairs SrA William Murray
Council Member CMSgt WING CCC
How to contact us
Look us up in the Global under:
Armed Forces Against Drunk Driving (AFADD)
or e-mail us at
"Helping save lives one ride at a time"