How can I become a member of AFADD?
You may become a member by clicking the “become a member” button on the website. You will create a user name and password as well as give us vital information about yourself.
How can I access the schedule and other features of the AFADD website?
In order to access most of the features on our website, you must “become a member” and complete the application. You will also create a user name and password which will allow you to log on and access the features of our website.
What does becoming a member entail?
“Becoming a member” simply means you have a user name and password with our website, you have given us your information to keep on file, should you volunteer for a shift or special event. At no time will we ever “assign” a shift or event to a member. You are free to volunteer as your schedule permits. Active membership in AFADD shall be comprised of those members who participate as an on call driver/rider for one full week or seven accumulative days of on call duties during a 12-month period, or maintains 7 points a year, each year. (Year 1=7, Year 2 = 14)
Where can I sign up to be on call?
You may sign up to be on call via our website, or by sending the AFADD Executive Council an email to let us know you want to cover a shift.
How do I volunteer for other AFADD events?
As special events come up, we will send out email requests for volunteers, and you can sign up via email.
What should I expect when I am on call?
When you are on call, you have obviously signed up to cover a shift. You will receive an email from a council member with details of your responsibilities, and information about the person you are on call with. It is up to you and your on call partner to coordinate pick up and drop off the phone. You do not have to know or even spend time with your on call person. We will ensure you have each other’s contact information. One of you will have the AFADD phone, when a call is received you and your on call partner will coordinate a meeting place, and then you will ride together to pick up the caller(s). It is often best to let the caller know how long it will take you to get to them. Ensure you ask the caller how many people you will be picking up, if it is more then you have seats for; inform them you will be making multiple trips. Ask the caller where you will be picking them up, once you hang up they may or may not answer their phone again. The call volume is generally low, so don’t be surprised if you don’t receive any calls.
What is in the AFADD equipment bag?
The AFADD equipment bag is comprised of the on call phone, charger, maps, GPS, and the applicable cords as well as the log book.
How are “saves” tracked?
In the AFADD equipment bag is the log book, the log book contains maps, a call log, and contact information for the AFADD Executive Council. When the on call team receives a call they are to log it in the call log. Upon the return of the on call bag to the Equipment Custodian, s/he will input onto a part of the website the number of saves you have written in the log book.
Can I shut the phone off during the duty day?
THE PHONE MUST NEVER BE TURNED OFF. Since we went 24/7 on May 19th, 2008 we have not had any calls during the duty day. However we want our on call teams to be prepared, so ensure you coordinate with your supervisor just in case.
How far does AFADD travel?
AFADD will travel to St. Louis, and in a 25 mile radius of Scott Air Force Base.
What if I get in an accident on call?
It is your responsibility to have adequate vehicle coverage. Should you get in an accident while on call, you can not fault AFADD, Scott AFB, or the USAF.
What should I do if I cannot cover the shift I signed up for?
If you can not cover the shift you signed up for, please find a replacement and notify the Executive Council IMMEDIATELY.
What if someone throws up in my car?
There have been no reports of such incidents; however we will reimburse you for the cost of a car cleaning.
What if the passenger(s) I picked up is suicidal?
If your passenger ever states they are suicidal please take them to the nearest emergency room for care. Please make the AFADD Executive Council aware of the situation as soon as possible.
What do I do if my on call Wingman isn’t answering their phone?
If for whatever reason you are unable to get a hold of the person you are on call with, please notify the AFADD Executive Council, one of us would be happy to ride with you. At no point should you pick up people by yourself, take a friend or a spouse. In this situation, if the only person who can go with you is someone of the same gender, just take them with you, and pick up the passengers. Safety is our number one concern!
What if the passenger(s) I picked up is unruly or violent?
If a passenger becomes unruly or violent you may pull over and ask them to exit your vehicle. Please notify a member of the Executive Council as soon as possible.
How can I get AFADD coverage for a special event?
If you need special event coverage please complete a special event request on our website. The more notice you give us the better chances of you getting the support you need.
Does AFFAD track my hours and saves?
Yes, we track your hours and saves.
What about underage drinking?
Should you learn one or more of your passengers has been drinking under age, please remember we are a confidential organization. It is not your responsibility to govern under age drinking. Should you have to drop the passengers off on base and the Security Forces personnel at the gate checks ID’s, and realizes there are people drunk under age in your vehicle; it is their problem, not yours. Simply explain you are on call with AFADD and the passengers will be dealt with accordingly.
Why should I volunteer with AFADD?
By volunteering with AFADD you are saving lives by preventing drinking and driving. At no time is drinking and driving ever safe or acceptable. You are being a good wingman to your fellow Scott AFB family, as well as establishing safer road ways for the surrounding community. Not to mention, it is a great EPR/OPR bullet.
What will AFADD do for me?
As funds permit, we like to reimburse volunteers with gas cards (if the number of pickups and miles of driving warrant it). We also track your saves once you have volunteered a set number of hours or have made a certain number of saves.
How can I become a member of the AFADD Executive Council?
As vacancies open we will send out emails to our AFADD volunteers to inform them of the opening. If no AFADD volunteers want to step up, we will open the position to non AFADD members. If we have multiple applicants, we will interview them and select the best candidate.
How can I get advertising items for my Squadron/Flight event?
If you email the AFADD Organizational inbox, we can coordinate with you on getting you the advertising items you are requesting. Please note that some items may not be available at the time of inquiry.
What is the Squadron Challenge?
Currently, this is a work in progress. We are doing our best to make our organization as fun and rewarding as we can possibly make it.
"Helping save lives one ride at a time"